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Jan 17, 2013 6:00pm EST
to enemy territory in a bit, but let's start with how the team prepares to win it -- to leave new england with a win on sunday. >> it took the ravens of 38 points to beat the denver broncos and it might take more to beat tom brady this sunday in foxboro. that's because if there is one thing and the patriots do better than anybody is put points on the board. only one team has held in england to fewer than 20 points. arizona beat and 20 to 18. since then, the patriots have scored 30 points to 10 different times. dickey is not just out playing that patriots, you have to outscore them. that could mean scoring a lot. >> you go in with the same mindset. we go in with a different script in terms of the game plan because they have different strengths and weaknesses, but our job is to score points regardless of who we are playing an score as many as we can. >> while the ravens have to be counting a lot of points on sunday, in foxboro, they're counting down the end of rayless -- of ray lewis'career. they are a little premature on that. >> the truth is, as we have been talking with patriots fans all
Jan 18, 2013 12:00pm EST
. >> this is how we treat people from new england. especially you, tom brady. >> look out. the police department posted this video. you can watch it in its entirety on our web site, two raven specials tonight. 7:30, ravens tv, or rave-tv. recapping last week's amazing when. looking ahead to new england. -- win. looking ahead to new england. tomorrow night at 7:00 here on tv 11. it will repair on our digital channel, digital plus. you could tell the jennifer was a little cold. let's check in with the meteorologist. >> boston and baltimore are not that fall apart. -dhaka- far apart. -- far apart. only 23 degrees right now. winds are northwest at 50 miles an hour. i can see what jennifer is wearing those purple ear muffs. it is an evening game. partly cloudy skies, a little blustery. air temperatures will be in the upper 20's to low 30's. the wind chill values on the field are going to be in the teens to around 20 degrees. that is warmer than denver, but still pretty cold. it will be a chilly game. at least double the be any rain or snow to deal with. -- there won't be any rain or snow
Jan 19, 2013 9:00am EST
including a pretty cool sports museum. it is dedicated to the new england patriots there is something inside that all football fans can appreciate. >> it is about 25 to 30,000,000 feet of exhibit space. >> it opened in 2008 if it looks foom the same architect did ours at camden yards. you can see tributes dedicated to the patriots. there's an awful lot of history. history of birth place in america. starting in the late 1800's on the fields of boston common. >> combination of soccer and rugby. the first team is called the oneidas and it evolved from there. it was very big at the turn of the century. in fact many of our collegiate national hamp championships the redskins started here the colts started here. it wasn't until 1960 that football really stuck. >> kids especially will like the interactive exhibits kicking field goals going into the huddle. look here we even found super bowl pictures of the ravens. it is part of a traveling photo exhibit ravens and the patriots hall of fame. image that. museum executive director brian morey says baltimore fans are welcome. >> come on by talk a little
Jan 18, 2013 6:00pm EST
england. it is the birthplace of football in america, started in the late 1800's also on the fields of boston common. >> the combination of soccer and rugby. it evolved from there. it was very big at the turn of the century. many of our collegiate national agenda and ships were won by harvard -- championships won by harvard and yale. >> defense of the game would enjoy looking old uniforms -- fans of the game will enjoy looking at old uniforms. the interactive exhibit, kicking field goals, going into the huddle. we even found a suitable pictures of naked ravens. it is part -- pictures of the ravens. baltimore fans are welcome. >> , and by. -- come on by. >> under 5, you get in free. wbal, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the staff here say thumbs down. it is all ravens that chesapeake -- at chesapeake., click on ulocal. >> 11 insta-weather plus. >> a shot to the folks -- shout out to the folks, great bunch fifth and sixth graders. they're into it up there. constructing math and instruments. it was a good time talking to the folks up there. gunpowder the elementary school, thanks fo. no
Jan 9, 2013 9:00pm PST
cetera. so i dug up the figures, the homicide figures in england and wales, compared to the united states of america, going back to 2003, i will read them quickly, i think they make a point on their own. in america, 11,920. in 2004, 73, england and wales, in america, 11,624. in 2005, 50 in england and wales, and america, 350. and it goes on in both countries, here is my point, every time i hear you say that there is a safer country where you have more guns my brain takes me back to these figures. because in britain, we brought in a -- as you know, a handgun and assault weapon ban after what happened to don blaine, where a very similar situation happened with school children and guns. this is what happens when you take responsible action to respond to a massacre beyond any kind of comprehending -- >> first of all, the data that you're using for the murder rate in england is a sham. there is a monumental misreporting of what constitutes murder. if three people were murdered, it is likely to be counted as one -- >> that is an absolutely. >> see you don't know what you're talking about, i was
Jan 13, 2013 12:00am PST
's brains out every day. >> what a ridiculous -- >> they arrest people in england if they defend themselves. that's on record. my god, you have a total police state. everybody is fleeing that country because -- you had to flee here, bud. you fled here. why don't you go back and face the charges for the hacking scandal? >> answer this question -- how many gun -- >> why did you get fired from "the daily mail" for putting out fake stories? you're a hatchet man of the new world order -- >> okay -- >> and i'm going to say this right here. you think you're a tough guy? have me back with a boxing ring and i'll wear red, white, and blue, and you'll wear your jolly roger. >> let's try again. how many gun murders were there in britain last year? >> how many chimpanzees can dance on a head of a pin? i already went over those statistics. >> do you know the answer? >> no, i don't. it's very low. >> you said hundreds. it's actually 35. >> well, the point is -- >> against 11,000. do you understand the difference in 11,000 and 35? >> yeah, england wants to ban knives now because tens of thousands are getti
Jan 19, 2013 8:00am EST
of richard helms, recounts her life. she drug in england and served in world war ii, calls for introduction to the world of secret intelligence via her husband, the internal politics of the cia and the couple's time spent in tehran as richard helms served as american ambassador prior to the iranian revolution. this is about an hour. [applause] [applause] >> thank you. very kind of you, nice event you allowed us to have here. i am most grateful to you and i thank you for coming. cynthia is quite right. five years -- if you knew richard helms you didn't dare argue what was in the cards with him. what we were going to tehran i finally said to him can you cope the box? he said what box? i said a cardboard box that has been on the top shelf for years. so he opened it and the only thing and it was his silk scarf with his evening clothes. all those years i thought it was love letters. from wonderful beautiful woman that i didn't know anything about. i did not really intend to write this book. i had written a book on iran and then i tried to write this book and found it too difficult because i was
Jan 10, 2013 12:00am PST
in england and wales by comparison to the united states of america going back to 2003. i'm going to read these quickly to you 2003, gun murders in england 68. in america 11,920. in america 11,624. in 2005, 50 in england, in america 12,352. >> now. >> let me finish. here is my point. every time i hear you say, there is a safer country where you have more guns my brain takes me back to these figures in britain we brought in a handgun and assault weapon ban after a situation where a similar number of school children were murdered with guns. this is what happens when you take a responsible. action. why do you still persist in trying to persuade americans that the opposite is true. >> first of all, the data that you are using for the murder rate in england is a shame. there is a monumental miss reporting of what constitutes murder. >> what an absolute lie. >> well -- you don't know what you are talking about. >> mr. pratt, it doesn't take very long. >> you are these are your own government's data. go tell them that they are lying. you asked them for an apology why don't you. >> you are tellin
Jan 19, 2013 11:15pm EST
. the same two teams met the same time last year with new england winning by 3. this game is in fox where the patriots have never lost on the line and tom brady leading the way, how do the ravens plan on stopping him? >> hire tonya harding. i don't know. well whoever it was, i don't know. put water outside, they were getting off the bus, they hope it freezes. he is who he is. i would have guessed him in practice for six years. he's a competitive person as i have ever been around. he can give you the boyish look on tv, but he is a very, very, very competitive guy. >> by the way, the 49ers and falcons play for the nfc championship, 3:00 p.m. tomorrow on fox. coming up, the terps wake up, but the damage was done. college hoops highlights are next.  >>> georgetown had their chances today, they had a double digit lead, thanks to a 15-2 run by usf. the hoyas lost for the third time in five games. the hoyas today in south florida, end of the first half. georgetown in control of the break. all alone for the uncontested slam. the hoyas led at the half. it all went south
Jan 19, 2013 5:00am EST
pass well to our north. this morning while they have cold temperatures in new england they are getting snow shower activity a little clipper like system is moving across up state new york and vermont and new hampshire and maine and massachusetts boston has a little flurry or two. there are a few more of these clippers out to the west. you can see mississippi valley wisconsin and minnesota. that will be the trend for a while. eventually all of the cold air will start spilling down into the region. >> the road to new orleans has almost been completed just a little more paving to do for the ravens. >> baltimore and new england will duke it out to advance to the super bowl. >> the party already started in baltimore. the purple caravan pumped up fans all day and nighted for a special purnl frida-- purple fr. the purple pride is in full effect. >> excited. you cannot believe how excited. we are definitely going to take this game big time and we are going to the super bowl. go ravens! >> we are learning that charm city has a lot in common with the home town of the new england patriots. jennif
Jan 20, 2013 6:30pm EST
. fumbled the ball on the 1 yard line. miss a field goal. >> they've already beaten new england, so if it's new england, they've got to say we've already beaten new england. they've struggled the last couple of ball games defensively. but i think america should wake up and realize they are young at the position where is it matters most, wide receiver and that quarterback is amazing. you know, you could simply say perhaps we're seeing today the start of another dynasty with the 49ers. >> they certainly hope so. before we get out of here, let's get our subway fresh take from michael strahan. which do you think they would rather see? >> i think the 49ers would rather see the baltimore ravens. they played new england earlier. new england scared them, scored a lot of points. i think they're a better match-up for baltimore. baltimore does have a very deep threat with their passing game. but i think that the 49ers -- at this pointing you don't care who you're seeing. but the baltimore ravens would be a better match-up. >> that's michael's subway fresh take. as we are wrapping up another season,
Jan 12, 2013 9:00pm PST
is throughout roof. i dug out the official figures, the homicide figures from guns in england and wales, by comparison to the united states of america, going back to 2000 three. i will read them quickly to you. i think they make a point. 2003, gun murders in england, 68. in america, 11,920. in 2004, 73, england, and america, 11,624. in 2005, 50, in england and wales, in america, 12,three 52. it goes on, same levels in both countries. let me finish, here is my point. every time i hear you say that there is a safer country, where you have more guns, my brain takes me bake to the figures. in britain, we had a similar number of school children murdered with guns this is the result of what happens when you take a responsible action to respond to a massacre bebeyond any comprehension y do you persist in trying to persuades american that it is complete opposite is true? >> according to the data that you are using for the murder rate in england is a shame. there is a monumental misreporting of what constitutes murder. if three are murdered, it is likely to be counted as one event. >> that is a
Dec 31, 2012 11:00pm PST
for that couple of decades in elizabethan and early england was a society coming to consciousness of itself, mixing together the different classes, trying to forge a unity out of the different classes, and demanding that a writer write their story, reflect themselves back to them. and by doing that took a man who was always a great poet. who was one heck of a sonnet writer, and threw him int that calderon and that pressure turned him into a writer that carried the hopes and dreams and aspirations of england on his beck. you see in the great history plays like henry 5th, shakespeare is defining what it is to be english. he's helping the english create their own identity. he's wheting together the different nationalities of the welshman, the scotsman, the irishmen and giving them a sense of being british, of being more than just a collection of tribes. he's defining an english attitude towards royalty. becausof crse what all of england is struggling with is we can no longer believe in the devine right of kings. our own history purchases that. if we can't believe in the devine right of kings w
Jan 17, 2013 5:00pm EST
. the anticipated game between the reagan said patriots this sunday in new england. going out to the voice of the reasons. he is alive in owings mills. >> as you would expect, this is a showdown of success stories. the patriots quarterback comes and having won more games than any quarterback in nfl history. the ravens arrive with more playoff wins than any other team over the last five years. something has to give on the road to new orleans as these to square off for a second year in a row. the loss last year still overshadows the return to foxboro. the coaches are focused on the message that winning this week is the only goal, but not the ultimate goal this season. success is not measured by what happens in foxboro. a successful season includes a win against new england. it means a trip to the super bowl. >> to the afc championship, that's about as special as you can get except for one more. that is what it is all about. it's not new england, we are playing the championship game. this is what we worked hard to get here. now we have to go out and execute. >> the second straight week, the r
Jan 17, 2013 5:00am EST
arr hoping to & repeat n new england this weekend. weekend. (19:09:40) "my - mom aught us celebrating as &&pjustin tuckee ot the game winninn field goal. i thinn this picture speaks our excitement." eecitemeet." at a rally outsidd an m-and-t-baak i hunt valley... fans brought &ptteir purple ride. former &pravens kicker matt stooer waa and helping to kick ravens fevvr into high gear. & f(19:10:18) "i really hopee ----nada, daniel ellerbie, and pay lewis somebody takes tom brady and knocks him out!" & -butt to- (19:05:27) "thhs is ballimore! thhy love their ravens if you experienced it as much as i had, airports are packed the roads to our faciiity,,people are lined up to and frrm...." a wave of excitement...." 3 gearr as been flying off shelves... and buses to new england are selllnn out. 3 fox45 news ...will have continuing coverage... of the a-f-c championship game..w'll hhve live reports from foxboro starting frriay right here on on fox45 mmrniiggneww.. fox45 - news at five and fox45 news at ten. 3 3 and even hough ne
Jan 17, 2013 5:00pm EST
.and it's all sunday night....n new england... engglnd...for he a-f-c champiinship... winner heads to the uper bowl..organ adsit joins uusnow with a ravens reeort,,morgan. ray rice calls his ravvns... a team of dessiny.the way thiss the full circle of this year's to belleve in what he's saying about destiny. before this season even started...before the teem's first training camp practice... rice said he only motivation for this season is last eer'ss ending..the 23-20 loss at this very time... last season in the a-f-c championship at neww wasn't for anything the patrioos did...two key missed plays by the ravens.. that was thenn.. this is now... and in back to back a-f-c title game appearances... theeravens find themselves withha second "that'' the irony of sports. every team comes in every year saying, 'can we do it? can we do it? can we do it?' and foo us, we've had glimpses of a herr, a dropped catch, mble whatever it is. anddnow, we have that oppootuuity again. i ttink you kind of a& ray [rice] has been messing with me all day, but i've just been the enn of the day,
Jan 20, 2013 6:00pm EST
. it is do or die. a win in new england means a trip to the super bowl. >> we all know what a loss means, a repeat of last year's party. first we check in with sarah sampson in south point where the parties are under way. >> loss of purple pride. there are a few brave patriot fans sprinkled in. it is standing room only. i talked to the manager on duty. he said the first fans started showing up at 11:00 this morning to get a seat. we talked to people with tables. they said they were here at 1:00 in the afternoon. people have been staking out their claims early. one fan drove down from connecticut to be here in baltimore for the game. here is a little bit about what the feeling is today. >> everyone is nervous but excited. we are preparing and getting ready. i knew i had to come here to watch the game. i needed to be in baltimore. >> we did talk to a baltimore city police spokesman. they are expecting big crowds tonight. there are extra patrols. and there are a lot of ravens fans up north today. we will send it up to gillette stadium where jennifer joins us live. >> the purple nation is we
Jan 3, 2013 4:30am EST
to play out but it's been really cold especially in the northern plains and a cold blast up in new england. but the weather pattern is going to change dramatically as we go into next week. right now, temperatures are in the teens, actually not that bad for what is minneapolis and chicago. boston at 8, northern new england very cold. this is tracking the arctic air. the blue is the cold air. another chunk heads to new england by next week, middle of next week, there's really no cold air in the lower 48s. amazing. that's a quick look at your national forecast. how, let's take a look outside your window. >> so, today, with the exception of being down there along the gulf coast, especially southern alabama, panhandle of florida, it looks like a dry day everywhere. could have snow showers in the cold air of the great lakes, but overall, you're at beautiful weather. >> that is beautiful weather for traveling. >> good news after some bad news the last few weeks. >> around christmas, at least people are getting home. >> that's a good way to start the new year. thanks so much, bill. >>> well, a pai
Jan 30, 2013 6:00am EST
, new england, rather than a city or state? excellent question, rhonda. there are several things going on here. we've got a lot of information and we'll address a couple of past questions too. let's jump right into this. the new england patriots, they were a part of the new league, the afl, back in the '50s i guess it was and the '60s. when they original nate, they were indeed the boston patriots. however, whether they joined the -- when the nf element and the afl merged, they were placed in the afc east division and they moved to foxboro in 1971. they changed the name from the boston patriots to the -- well, actually, they first changed their name to the bay state patriots. >> i didn't know that. >> the nfl rejected that name, said no, that is not a good name. they became the new england patriots. now, why did they choose new england? well, there are some reasons. tucker? >> well, i think the leading reason is boston is the big city up there in new england and when they put the team in foxboro, they sort of the positioned it between boston and providence which are the two big cities i
BBC News
Jan 26, 2013 11:00am GMT
parts of scotland northern england and the midlands just sanders is in the village of nineteen and west yorkshire. forested i said paint the picture for a stair. well i'm in a hamlet called mountain which is appropriate and i were high in the hills above ground said you can see the outskirts of brantford behind me and. they've had a fairly heavy snowfall here you can see this is quite deep because it's been cleared from where we're standing but probably about six or eight days is still lying here. and last night the snow came down so quickly across the band of the whole the north of england about one fourth of snow in the space of two hours that's really what caused the problems rather than the volume in itself. so on the m six in the west of the parents of course. particular problems that the motorway closed in both directions last night at about half past eight. as lorries came to a halt in the deep snow and cars started to skate around and people were basically stranded in the middle of the carriage way with mountain rescue volunteers walking up and down a four mile stretch bringing
Jan 12, 2013 11:00pm EST
the sentry born in england the little girls were expected to grow up to be a wife and mother but nothing else. but things change and she changed. i hope the book will contribute to younger women's understandings of what their mothers and grandmothers went through and not to take for granted all that they have. she earned all the time to have a life of her own. that was about having her own unique identity not just as someone's mother or wife for as much as she enjoyed being a mother or also mrs. richard helms. she was more than that. that was important said every human being once their own identity. we will begin with their service in world war ii. growing up on the southeast coast of england and for the millennium that part had been invaded by vikings. the people of that area were acutely aware of the nazi threat because it was in the dna that they were vulnerable to invaders. she listed in the women's royal naval service as an issue was 18. my first question is tell us why did you in less? what drives you as a teenager to become a member of the women's royal naval service? >> guest: i was s
Jan 21, 2013 4:00am PST
of the upper midwest and new england. jeff berardelli, meteorologist at our miami station wfor has the details. >> the big story in the weather this upcoming week is after a fairly mild winter so far, we have brutally cold arctic air working its way south right now. temperatures as we speak right near the canadian border below zero in some instances, and all that is going to be headed toward the south because the jet stream is going to be taking a nosedive into the east. it looks like temperatures will be as low as the single numbers and teens. in the major i-95 cities of boston, new york city, philadelphia, and washington, d.c., this upcoming week, and the temperatures probably 10 to 20 below zero in northern parts of new england. cool weather fell all the way down to the gulf coast, but the cold weather is definitely focused around the upper midwest, ohio valley, great lakes, and also into the northeast. now, for inauguration today during the day the good news is the coldest air won't reach washington, d.c. until the very late part of the day. so during t
Jan 18, 2013 5:00am EST
in baltimore. the ravens had up to new england this weekend. >> ravens nation breaks out the purple power once again. we have coverage from white marsh to new england. jennifer franciotti is live in foxborough. i am guessing it is pretty cold. >> it is so cold and the wind is blowing. ravens fans will have that warmth in their hearts. i can tell you patriots fans are very confident the patriots will win on sunday. there is a billboard company that has put up about three billboards. county down to when they say is will be ray's retirement party on sunday, alleging his game days are over. patriots fans were rooting for the ravens against denver because that gives them a home game for the afc championship game. i ask if they were nervous. they do believe the patriots will whin. visited a bar in massachusetts about 10 minutes from foxborough. it is called the ravens nest. they have renamed it the patriots nasest. the patriots won last year. the patrons demanded he put the sign back up. he said any ravens fan is welcome to go to the ravens nest. we'll talk more about the bar coming up. let's go to
Jan 27, 2013 5:00am PST
200 exhibiters, from all over the world. many from u.s., but also england, france, canada. i don't know that we have any japanese dealers this year. italian dealers, but many, many from many european countries. >> i understand there is an asian theme too also this year. >> our special exhibit is, are loans from the east asian library, one of the country's largest collections of rare and important east asian material. and they are giving a -- they are loaning things for an exhibit. >> uh-huh. are you -- have you participated many times over the years? >> i've participated in the fair many times, going back to when i first began working in the business, far too long ago. >> i see. well, one of the questions i had asked you earlier is why would persons be interested in rare books? what makes a rare book? >> well, a rare book is a book that there's a reason for someone to want in the first place, either because it's a great work of literature or it represents the first publication of some interesting or important discovery in science or exploration
Jan 14, 2013 2:00am PST
. some people in new england are very much complaining. a lot of extremes out there. winter returned in a big way to the midwest and down through the deep south. the east, the cold air has not arrived yet. it will take its time, too. it will not slide to the east until next weekend. ahead of it the fog was pea soup fog in so many areas from southern new england all through the mid-atlantic. now we have rainy conditions throughout the deep south. temperatures at this hour for this time of day, this time of year ridiculous. it is 56 degrees in d.c., 64 degrees right now in atlanta. that's with no sunshine at all. that's the morning low. it's incredible. we have some rain out there. but a fog is probably more of a problem than the rain this morning. the visibility now, new york city, half a mile. half a mile in hartford. about a quarter mile in philadelphia. okay in boston. but, you know, it's hit and miss. you can go in one valley, it's dense as could be, especially near rivers. other areas are not bad. d.c. is okay right now i'm sure philadelphia and new york city airport also have bi
Jan 18, 2013 2:00am PST
the dive on sunday. monday and tuesday it's over the great lakes and into areas of northern new england. we have to be prepared for the coldest air of the season in many areas. we're including chicago in that, detroit, all the way to minneapolis. look at chicago. we go from 40s on saturday to sunday, monday, tuesday, temperatures struggling to get to 20 degrees. the bottom line is this is what you expect in winter a couple times. this will be exceptionally cold. minneapolis, they're expecting the coldest air in four years. this is a serious blast of arctic air. >> wow. a sharp dip there in chicago. >>> well, lance armstrong helps juice oprah's network. the latest nbc news polls on guns in america. and we'll show you a 12-pound gold nugget found on a beach. >>> plus, look at this frightening video. a purse thief grabbed a woman on the subway platform and hurls her on the tracks. what happens after that? we'll show you next. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you turn an entrepreneur's dream... ♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud? ♪ or turn 30-million artifacts... ♪ into a high-tech mas
Jan 25, 2013 2:00am PST
accidents were reported, but there were no major injuries. >>> in england, researchers are blowing up trains. controlled blasts of trains are conducted, and then they study data for better bomb proofing and safer in the future. >>> and scientists in scotland and the czech republic said they demonstrated the first tractor beam. it can pull tiny particles of water towards the beam of light. >>> and a man in turkey has set a world record for driving backwards. he's already driven twisting roads for 18 miles, but he wants to get to 60 miles to break the current 40 miles guinness record. >>> the dow opens at 13,825 after gaining 46 points yesterday. the s&p and nasdaq were mixed. overseas, the nikkei shot up 305 points, but the hang seng fell 18. >>> turning to more business headlines. today, investors are going to want to keep a close eye on a few things. first, united airlines is going to chop about 600 jobs through buyouts and layoffs. net to netflix, shares jumped 42%. with strong quarterly earnings. after peaking in the $700 range, apple is down 36%. the question everyone is asking, how low
Jan 28, 2013 2:00am PST
. plenty cold enough in southern new england. it's going to begin in your area, say new york city, between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. up into southern new england before the noon hour before we get it heading up into central new england. winter weather advisories kerkt cut, new york state, vermont a little piece of maine and they go all the way down outsite of d.c. we've had freezing rain problems in virginia, charlottesville. today the problem, the snow and ice. possible airport delays. veronica, as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours, severe weather outbreak. we'll be talking tornadoes. >> going to be a mess out there. thank you, bill. >>> straight ahead on this monday morning, relief for migraine sufferers, plus the pentagon puts cyber 2030 front and center. after the 49ers arrive in new orleans, there is a white house petition to make super bowl monday a national holiday. should it and could it happen? you're watching "first look" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? maybe you want to incorporate a business. or protect your family with a will or living trust. an
Jan 18, 2013 12:00am PST
you. tavis: led to heavy on the program. or going back to england again. in your career in some ways got started in england. the first artist ever to sign to apple records, the beetles labeled. take me back to england those many years ago and tell us how that happened. >> it was amazing, really. i was a huge beatles fan. we could talk about who i listen to growing up and what my sources were, but certainly the beatles were a late, important for me.e puerto rica i just took my guitar and a handful of songs and thought i will just go over and travel around europe and see what comes of it. shortly after i got there, some friends i met, some people i know there got very taken by my tunes and my playing encourage me to make a demo disks. it was funny, it was in soho, and actually cut a disk live as you were singing. i took that around to a number of different people. eventually, peter asher, who lives here in los angeles and was my manager for many, many years, and produced most of the early albums. peter heard that this and he had just signed on for apple records and took the disk to pau
Jan 17, 2013 9:00am EST
england is seevn hours away... & you england is seven though & pew and evee 3 3 web section. com... nn & clinking fox baltimorr-dot- ccm... and cliiking on our arrund the web sectionn -3 3 3 and even though new anddeeen 3 -3 3& and even though new england is seven hours away.... & ou can still trash talk those - patriots fanss ggme ann use the hash tag "patriots eet down". &p you can see what other 3&pwhat patrioos fans re saying & in return.. by going to poxbaltimore dot com. click on "ray's last ride"" 3 pnd we're ffllowiig ray's last superdome n new orleann.see our stories on theeravens playoffs.... hear raw interviews from the playyrs... going to ouu websiie... foxbaltimore dot com. click & on the "rry'' last ride" banner n our homeppgg. 3 coming up... 3 a truss fall... ggne horribly wronn. wrrng.we'll shoo youuwhy the outcome of hiss ideo... iis ánotá what yoo're expecting. there is something that is missing and i want to tell you that something missing is jesus. it was the beginning of
Jan 18, 2013 5:00pm EST
unlimited. -3 3 purrle fridays are a trrdition here in ballimore, but it is england rrght now. 3 that's where joel d. smith s ... joel d, we know they don't have purple friday there in providence, but on't they have somethhng equivallnt? 3 not evvn close guys.... (ad & lib) 3 i'' proudly displaying my purple.... but ii you are looking for red white and blue ... ood luck. 3 take vo... mayye you can find it ere.... (ad lib)) and the fans ere once you start talking to them are sooooo cocky. they don't just want to win, they are picky about the way they do itt! 3 5352 its not fun to beat a team soo ad, you at least 3 want to make it ompetitive. - 5015 as much as a blowout -3 there with my hearr racing, and really be into it. 3 p33 joee d: ad lib) we finally saw this 3 guy who had to strii toosee 3 i aa told e will see more on sunday.... game day , but nott until then. it's a much pdfferent feel p here. not really a foooball town right 3 3 when do you expect to the big rush of ravvns fans tooarrive? 3 arriie?ravvns fans to theebig rushhof dooyou e
Jan 17, 2013 11:00pm EST
against the new england patriots. pete gilbert joins us with more on this horrible way. >> fans are expecting a big win but there is a not a match to reality. we will see a very close game come sunday. that is what the numbers bear out. it is not just a one ponit win. -- one point win. the only blow out came in the playoffs three years ago. when the ravens crashed the patriots' 34-14. fans will have to turn to their mercena imaginary girlfriends afterwards. >> we have had very competitive games against them. we have won some. not all of them. it is a battle out there. they got a good team, we got a good team. this gives will come down to the wire. >> a look at why here and around the rest of the country people think this will be a big patriots' victory. there is a reason why that might be true. >> patriots fans seem awfully confident about their chances. ans are hopinga that is where re lewis and his career. >> we were talking with patriots fans who are sure their team will win on sunday. there is a billboard 40 miles north of here that has a pretty bold prediction for ray lewis
Jan 27, 2013 11:00pm EST
for their own good. stevan ridley. new england ran it three strate times in the red zone and only three points. second quarter ravens offense took a while to wake up. exploded on this drive. flacco to torrey smith. pickup of 25 plays. crossing patterns, huge at foxboro. >> yeah. crossing patterns, about the way they were able to make plays in the secondary. against that new england secondary was just phenomenal: >> ray rice, left tackle. in for the go ahead touchdown. 7-3 ravens. now, new england would answer back larlte in the first half. as tom brady threw what turned into his only touchdown pass. wes welker. on the receiver screen. a gain of 24. would set up that touchdown. the only touchdown of the game for the patriots. ravens defense, though, shut him down after wes welker found the end zone. the last time the patriots would put seven on the board. right before half, tom brady tries to run. slides, cleats up into ed reed. he would get fined $10,000 for that. patriots settled for a field goal. 13-7 at half. third quarter, ravens on the roll. dennis pitta to the mid field logo. a gain of 2
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